The evening programmes – Diez

In PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS the evening programs are real highlights!
Our team of supervisors takes care of this with a lot of passion and commitment.

Scavenger Hunt – In teams, tasks are solved, objects are searched for and collected, information is obtained and unusual challenges are mastered. Which team solves all tasks the fastest?

Casino Night – Here you can learn about the most popular casino games such as Roulette, Black Jack, Bingo or Texas Hold’em Poker. The rules of the game are of course explained in English and then bet with plastic chips. As in real life, however, the bank usually wins in the end, so that the evening also has an instructive outcome!

Wellness-Night – With nice and cool techniques you will learn to escape from everyday stress, for example with organic face masks, a guided meditation, a relaxing head and face massage, calm painting and calming music. Chill out in a completely different way!

Quiz Night – Answer questions in teams on popular topics such as sports, Hollywood stars, pop music, food, movies, countries or games in this exciting competition where all students can know and contribute – in English of course.

Treasure Hunt – You become a detective in this “scavenger hunt” around the camp house and the surrounding area. Solve puzzles that lead from one clue to the next until a real treasure chest is found at the end!

Barbecue-Night – here you sit comfortably around a warm campfire, sing English songs and roast marshmallows or bread. A nice and relaxing evening program!

Disco-Night – here we celebrate the end of the camp with a great disco – dancing, singing and chilling!

Castle Adventure – here you walk on the traces of the past and learn many interesting facts about the castle. In 1784, for example, the castle was a prison – and even today some of the cells are still used as rooms. At the end of the tour you might meet some of the ghosts of the castle in the winding castle chamber under the roof!