1. How can I register my child for a stay at PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMP?

Fill out our online booking form or call our camp hotline at +49 228 965 479 71.

2. What happens after the booking?

You will receive an e-mail with the following information:

The booking confirmation for the camp as well as your invoice with the payment details.

You will receive our Welcome-Package as well as the travel insurance certificate in time before the camp starts.

In the Welcome-Package you will find a link to our student information form. We kindly ask you to fill it out carefully and send it by clicking the “Send” button. The information requested here, e.g. dietary requirements, allergies, etc. will help our camp team to prepare well for your child’s stay.

3. What does my child need to bring to the camp?

Clothing suitable for the season

Something warm to wear in the evening when it gets cold

A raincoat

Good shoes for hiking and excursions

Sportswear and shoes

Swimsuit, bikini or swimming trunks, and swim cap if necessary

A towel for swimming

A towel for the room

Soap, shower gel, shampoo and deodorant

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Sunscreen cream and sunglasses

Pocket money (we recommend maximum € 25-30 per week)

Mobile phone and charging cable

A water bottle to refill

A small rucksack or handbag for excursions

Medication against motion sickness, if necessary

Other medication, if necessary

Vaccination certificate, if available

Health insurance card

4. What should my child not bring?

Stationery or school materials (these are available from us)

Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives

Expensive jewellery

Passport or child ID

5. When is the arrival and departure?

Arrival at the camp is generally scheduled for the afternoon of the day of arrival between 14 – 15 hrs.

Departure from the camp is generally after the early lunch of the day of departure, i.e. from 12 – 13 o’clock.

What happens on the first day of the camp?

Upon arrival you will find our “Check In” table at the entrance to the camp house. Here you will meet our camp leader, Júlia Verger Navarro and the PLP team and you can check in your child. We will then take your child to his/her room so that he/she can unpack in peace.

At 15.00 o’clock there is a small welcome for all parents by Heike Perioli. Afterwards, at about 16.00 all parents leave, and the camp can really start!

Before dinner we start with some games to get to know each other, to break the ice and to take away the students’ fear of speaking English. Afterwards we explain the camp rules and take a short tour through the camp house.

After dinner there will be a short break, because right after that, at 8 pm, the first evening programme of the camp starts.

7. Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns during the camp?

You will receive the mobile phone number of our camp leader before the camp starts. She is your local contact person and can be reached during the day between 07.00 and 22.00 hrs.

8. Where exactly is the camp located?

Grafenschloss Youth Hostel Diez, Schlossberg 8, 65582 Diez


9. What is the accommodation of the children?

Accommodation is in modern 2 – 4 bedrooms. All rooms are equipped with their own shower and WC.

10. Can my child share the room with a friend?

Yes, if your child wants to share a room with a friend, we can guarantee this 100%. Please inform us of this wish in our student information form.

11. How will my child find friends at the camp?

Most students come to the camp without friends but have made many new contacts afterwards! We divide the children in the bedrooms according to gender and age, so your child will definitely get to know his or her roommate quickly. Our camp team takes great care to ensure that all children participate in the activities and make friends, so that nobody is left behind or feels lonely.

12. What are the camp rules?

The camp rules are an important part of everyday life in the PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS.

They help to ensure that the camps run smoothly and support the safety of all students.

They are explained on the first day of the camp and are then posted on the notice board in the main group room in the camp so that they can be consulted at any time.

13. Is it safe in camp?

Yes! The camp house is locked at night for security. Our camp team is available for the children around the clock in case there is a problem. We live in the same camp house as the children and show them where our rooms are so that they can reach us at night in case of an emergency.

14. Where can my child safely store important documents and pocket money?

On the day of arrival, our camp leader will take all important documents (vaccination card, if available, and the health insurance card) at check-in and keep them safe until the day of departure, when they will be handed over again.

Students can keep their pocket money themselves or hand it in to the camp leader upon arrival. Once a day they can “withdraw” part of their pocket money from the “camp bank” – in English of course!

15. How is the food in the camp and how do you deal with special requests?

The meals are prepared by the camp house kitchen staff. It is basically German home cooking with the emphasis on healthy nutrition. If your child is vegetarian or needs a special diet (e.g. gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free etc.), please inform us via the student information form so that we can send your wishes to the camp kitchen in time.

16. What if my child needs to take medication regularly?

If your child is taking medication, please inform us via the Student Info Form. Our camp leader can keep it safe if you wish. If your child needs to be reminded to take the medication or needs help, please let us know.

The camp leader or a member of the camp team will then gladly and reliably take over this task.

17. What happens if my child becomes ill or has an accident during the camp?

In this case we will take your child to the doctor or hospital. We will inform you immediately and keep you informed. Everyone in the camp team has a current FIRST AID CERTIFICATE.

18. What is the daily routine at PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMP?

08.30 am – Breakfast

09.00 am – English lessons

10.30 am – Break

11.00 am – English lessons

12.30 pm – Lunch and break

14.00 pm – Excursions and leisure programme

18.30 pm – Dinner and break

20.00 pm – Evening programme

21.30 pm – End of the programme

22.00 pm – Night rest

19. When is the best time to reach my child via mobile phone?

If you would like to call your child during the camp, please do so only during breaks and never after the night’s rest period. We recommend the time after dinner from around 19.00 – 20.00 hours. This is where all students have their break. Your child can then tell you about his or her experiences of the day.

20. What happens if my child gets homesick?

If your child gets homesick, we recommend that you do not call every day, as contact with you often only reinforces this feeling of homesickness. We take loving care of your child and provide distraction. All children are fully integrated into the program and kept busy.

21. Is there enough diversion when my child participates in the camp for two weeks?

Yes, we make sure that the English lessons in the second week are supplemented by new topics and tasks for the students. Also, many of the leisure programmes, excursions and evening programmes will be different in the second week, so that the stay at the PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS is definitely worthwhile for 2 weeks. From a pedagogical point of view, a 2-week stay of course in any case sense.

22. How are the children allocated for English lessons?

After the grading of the English skills, the children and teenagers are divided into groups of 6 to a maximum of 12 students with similar skills. If your child feels under- or overchallenged, a change of group can take place if the responsible Camp English teachers feel the same way.

23. How does the English lessons at the PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS differ from regular school lessons?

Our curriculum is fun, involves all students quickly and is based on topics that the children and young people know from their own lives.

Lessons are held exclusively in English and the focus is on active speaking. Grammatical structures are practiced in authentic situations, for example by

Role plays




Educational games


Our camp students receive folders, paper, pens and everything they need for the lessons. To avoid distractions, mobile phones or other electronic devices are stored in a box during English lessons (we call this mobile phone chill zone), unless the English teacher allows the use of the devices for a specific activity, e.g. researching the Internet. Our classrooms are fully equipped with a laptop for the teaching language teacher, a whiteboard or flipchart and all materials needed for the lessons.

At the end of the camp all students receive a camp certificate. All documents produced by the student during the camp will be filed in your folders. They will even receive a vocabulary list for their portfolio on the topics they worked on in class.

24. What happens if my child has a problem or is unhappy?

If your child tells you that he or she has a problem or is unhappy, encourage them, contact a member of the care team.  Our camp leader, Júlia Verger Navarro, speaks fluent German. We will listen carefully, understand the problem and act.

If there is a justified complaint, we will do everything we can to solve the problem quickly and easily to the satisfaction of your child. If we believe that the complaint is not justified, we will take the time to explain it to your child in peace. It is our greatest wish that your child has a fantastic learning experience at PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS and we will do everything we can to ensure that all students are safe, healthy and happy.

25. What happens on the day of departure?

On the evening before the day of departure we will make sure that all students pack their bags. There will also be a farewell ceremony, where the camp folders and certificates will be handed out, and a final evening programme. In the morning of the day of departure we hand over the documents handed over to us and the remaining pocket money. We ask you to pick up your child on the day of departure after lunch between 13 and 14 hrs.

26. How can I find out what happens during the camp?

On our Facebook page we regularly post photos and small video clips of our activities during the camps. A few days before the camps, the members of the camp team also introduce themselves so that you know in advance who is looking after your child:

You can find our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/periolilanguagecamps/

27. How can I give feedback to PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS and the camp team?

Your opinion and that of your child are very important to us. We appreciate your feedback very much, because our goal is to keep our camp program at the highest level and to improve it if necessary. After the camp we will send you a link to our camp feedback questionnaire.

Here you can rate your child’s experience at the camp and make comments or suggestions for improvement together. We will evaluate these in any case for future camps – we look forward to your feedback!

If you have any other questions about the PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS that are not answered here, please contact us by phone

Phone: +49 228 965 479 71 or by email: welcome@perioli-language-camps.com

We are happy to advise you by phone, e-mail, by appointment via Skype or in person at our school in Bonn



Dreieck 4, 53111 Bonn