Júlia Verger Navarro

My experience with summer camps in English began from a very early age. Even then I took part in camps myself and learned to appreciate and love them.
Since I can think, I have spent almost every summer there, doing adventure sports, learning to take responsibility, scavenger hunts, cooking internationally, discovering new cities, making friends, playing games, telling and listening to bedtime stories, singing songs….and much more.

After all these adventurous experiences it was only a logical consequence that I changed sides and started working as an English teacher in these summer camps after school.
I would like to share my love for languages with the children in our camps. I would like to encourage them to do what they like to do, i.e. to use foreign languages during activities and thus to lose language inhibitions.

I want children to combine English with fun, discovery, self-confidence, adventure and joy and that’s exactly what we do at the English Holiday Camps.
Through games, art, music, sports, excursions, new technologies, joint activities and many exciting projects, we discover and learn the English language together. After a very short time, the kids no longer even think about communicating in a foreign language as it all comes naturally.
My team and I always have an open ear and are there to motivate the students with any topic.

My previous experience

Trained as a Coach and English teacher for children in summer camps and at extracurricular institutions in Spain, Ireland and Germany.

My certifications

First aid training
Training as a leisure and recreation teacher
M.Phil. in English language teaching at Trinity College Dublin (language pedagogy)