Health and Safety

Equal treatment of all pupils
The welfare of all students is of utmost importance to us. We promise to take care of all the children and young people in the PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS by treating all students as individuals with respect, listening to and respecting the opinions of the students, dealing fairly, but also clearly, with disciplinary problems, so that no child has to suffer and the safety of all pupils is always maintained.

Camp Supervisor – The Perioli Language Pilots Crew

The PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS team consists of native speakers and other native-fluent trainers with many years of experience in caring for children and teenagers.

We guarantee that all trainers:

have the required background checks

bring excellent references from previous employers

have a current first aid certification

participate in extensive training before the camp deployment

show an honest and natural interest for all children in the camp

are highly motivated

are good-humoured and friendly

always act professionally

speak clear and understandable English

The camp rules are as follows

All students should show respect for each other and the camp team as well as the accommodation staff.

The property of PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS and the camp house must be respected.

Students are not allowed to hurt each other physically or verbally.

They must show tolerance towards others, regardless of age, gender, origin, religion and mental or physical abilities.

All students must arrive on time for all activities. This applies to English lessons, the leisure programme, meals and rest at night.

Boys are not allowed in the girls’ rooms and vice versa.

Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices is only allowed at certain times of the day, depending on the programme.

During the excursions, all students must be accompanied by at least one of the camp trainers.

Learning by doing- that’s the best way to learn!

At the beginning of the camps, we will grade each student individually according to their level of English. This is done through a small personal interview, which is relaxed and pleasant. In addition, there is a written placement test. After evaluation of the results, the children and teenagers are divided into small groups of 6 to 10 students with similar language skills.

In the PERIOLI LANGUAGE CAMPS the English lessons take place on 5 mornings for 2 x 90 minutes each with half an hour break per day.

The focus of the English lessons is on the active speaking of the students. The variety of activities in the classroom means that students speak English in authentic situations, for example through:

educational games

role plays

Sketches and dialogues


quiz questions


vocabulary and grammar games

project activities