The learning experience at the ENGLISH HOLIDAY CAMPS goes far beyond learning the English language. In the camps, we also deliberately practice many “life skills” – i.e. competencies for life that are often neglected in everyday life, but can be trained in our holiday camps. In English, of course, this is all the more fun!

Some examples of our Life-Skills-Trainings in the camp are

  • polite greetings and farewells
  • shaking hands
  • courtesy and small talk.
  • saying “thank you” and “please” (for English speaking people, “please” & “thank you” are two of the most frequently used terms)
  • learning not to interrupt a conversation
  • learning how to politely introduce yourself to strangers
  • washing your hands before eating
  • table manners and etiquette while eating
  • keeping the bedroom tidy and clean (1 x per week there is a “Clean Room Competition” in the camp)
  • cleaning up after the end of activities
  • optimum organisation of papers from English lessons
  • starting and ending the day always in a good mood
  • going to bed on time
  • generally always to be on time for all activities and meals
  • keeping calm in stressful situations
  • learning to behave more maturely
  • showing mutual tolerance and respect
  • learning to apologize if you hurt someone or did something wrong.
  • learning to behave in a nice, polite and friendly way
  • maintaining more interaction with others and spending less time alone with electronic devices
  • being in the fresh air a lot and moving about

All these life skills are practiced in a pleasant way without the children necessarily noticing it!